ABOUT BrighteningStarSolution OVERSEAS

For a long period of time, BrighteningStarSolution has been a leading overseas consultant in INDIA, providing high-quality services to students who are seeking overseas education to advance their careers. As one of the most established and reputable education consultants in INDIA, we offer overseas education programs LIKE MBBS, Bachelor/Master / PHDS in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Poland, Austria, RUSSIA and many more countries

BrighteningStarSolution’s core activity is to assist students in making the right choice regarding their overseas education in various top-notch educational institutions. For almost 22 years, BrighteningStarSolution has been a pioneer in the field of global education in India, dispelling all the myths usually associated with studying abroad and providing complete information about overseas education to every student, making it affordable and devoid of cumbersome procedures. We have a worldwide network with top universities, allowing us to provide the best services in regard to overseas education to all our students.

BrighteningStarSolution is a solution-oriented consultant with a single-minded approach to tailoring future career paths that best suit the candidate within educational, financial, and personal parameters. We deliver our services to each and every student with utmost care and affection..

Today, BrighteningStarSolutionhas a wide portfolio of reputed international institutions and works closely with several top organizations, high commissions, and leading education bodies. As India’s leading overseas education consultancy, we have helped countless students achieve their dreams.

BrighteningStarSolution OVERSEAS SPECIALIZES IN:

As we are the best overseas educational consultants in India, we have specialized in core areas that are quite essential and useful for every candidate, they include: Counseling for Foreign Education
Selection of Universities & Programs
Pre-Application Process & Admission Formalities
Preparation of Documents
Training for Personality Development, Behavioral Approach, and English Speaking as per the standards of TOEFL/IELTS
Assistance in Educational Loans
Visa Counseling, Documentation, and Guidance
Pre-Departure Counseling and Induction
Travel Arrangements
TOEFL Ibt, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, SAT, AND ACT preparation by highly talented faculties
Twinning Program
Accelerated Programs
Paid Internships/Student Exchange Programs
Cross-cultural Programs
Business tours, Leisure packages, Family tours
Campus Assistance
Campus Recruitment Training


BrighteningStarSolution is your ultimate guide for global education, with the aim of helping students conveniently achieve their dream goal of studying abroad. This is executed by our team of counselors who provide the right guidance for the right university. They work closely with the students under one roof called PG KRISHNA Overseas Consultants in INDIA.


As the topmost reputed overseas educational consultant in India, BrighteningStarSolution has set up a particular provision to provide step-by-step guidance for the entire process. Our organized approach and association with foreign universities help students who apply through BrighteningStarSolution Overseas. We have proactive expertise in guiding students to the greatest institutions, thus facilitating them to build their future. Using our proficiency and tremendous skills, we help each student choose the most suitable university. We act as a launchpad to their future and bear in mind that their accomplishment is directly associated with achievement. Our Advisors, Management, and Staff follow a strict code of moral and ethical conduct with a set of principles woven into the very fabric of the organization..


At BrighteningStarSolutionOverseas Consultants, we’ve been providing end-to-end services for students aspiring to pursue higher education in countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Poland, Austria, RUSSIA and many more for over 22 years. We believe that education plays a vital role in building the nation, and we strive to ensure that students have access to the best guidance and support for their career aspirations.

As the top overseas education consultants in India, we understand that higher education has become increasingly expensive, and no deserving student should miss out on their career opportunities due to financial constraints. Our objective is to provide students with the best possible guidance and support to help them achieve their career aspirations, both in India and abroad. When compared to other overseas education consultants, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing equitable access to education for all students, without any bias towards cultural diversity or national sovereignty. Our team of experienced professionals has an in-depth understanding of the latest developments in the global education sector, enabling us to provide students with accurate and timely information about the best courses, universities, and scholarships available worldwide.

At BrighteningStarSolution Overseas Consultants, we understand that proper and timely guidance is critical to the success of any student pursuing higher education. Our team of experts works tirelessly to ensure that students receive the best possible guidance and support, helping them to choose the right course, university, and country to meet their specific needs.If you’re looking for the best overseas education consultants in India, look no further than BrighteningStarSolution Overseas Consultants. With over 23 years of experience, we’re committed to providing students with the best possible guidance and support, enabling them to achieve their career aspirations and build a brighter future.